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Posh Birthday Celebration: 75 Roses

When Mary Taggart's children speak about her, there is an overwhelming sense of love and admiration that fills the air. As clients, they approached her 75th Birthday with such fervor and enthusiasm that it gave the Posh planners great joy to have a role in producing this surprise party. We wanted to decorate a gathering fit for a queen, their queen. Therefore, elegance was at the forefront. Bold crystal and gold pieces were used to add character to the strong yet reserved nature of the pink. The centerpieces were custom made and baby's breath and greenery had their place at the table as well. However, the most important flowers showed up later in the celebration. A day before the party there was a request for 75 pink roses, which was a nod at the adage "give people their flowers while they are living." Though we are grateful for the way the décor was received, the reaction Ms. Taggart had when receiving her roses made this an event that will resonate with us for a long time.


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