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WEDDING PREP | Common Bridesmaid Expenses

You and close friends make a pact that you'll be each other's bridesmaids when the time comes back in your early years. Life goes by and one day you open the bestie group chat to share the big news and show off your gorgeous engagement ring. Of course you want to be thankful for your girls even participating but before they accept your proposal for being apart of the big day - it's important that everyone understands that the title comes with responsibilities - and these responsibilities sometimes put a dent in pockets. This conversation can be pretty tough, so to get the conversation started - Posh Occasions by Sheriah is here to share the financial checklist that is traditionally covered by the bridesmaid.

1. Travel/Accommodations

It isn't abnormal for you and your friends to grow older and move to different cities and states - but it is their responsibility to travel and cover lodging during their trip to your big day! Hotel's often offer discounted rates for larger groups and the bride and groom usually can set up a room block to lock in the best rate.

PRO-TIP: Always request accommodations on early check-in/late check-out depending on the event time.

2. Attire & Alterations

Bridesmaid dresses, jewelry, shoes, and other garments are usually covered by the bridesmaid. The alterations to ensure proper wearing of the attire is also essential to the look. The cost for dress, jewelry, and shoes is contingent on the brand, style, fit, and other factors. Be sure to be budget and style friendly because comfortable bridesmaids are always happier and beautifully photograph.

3. Bridesmaid Gifts/Showers/Bach Trip

Every bride deserves to be celebrated and nobody will take care of your girl better than you. Bridesmaids usually split the cost of the venue, catering, supplies, and a gift for the bride to be evenly throughout the group. Many factors differentiate those costs, so it will be pretty tough to guesstimate on this one - just be sure everyone contributes both in ideas and financially and show your gratitude for their hard work as a collective and individuals.

4. Hair & Make Up

Beauty services can be tricky because every bride has a different opinion on the topic. If you'd like everyone to receive professional services by a specific vendor - it is usually split between the bride and bridesmaids to offer a gift without ruining your budget. It is important to select vendors who have skills working with unique skin complexions, comfort levels, and many other factors.

Now that you're all set - enjoy yourself, have the time of life and make the best of your journey into becoming a wife!

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