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Wedding Tips: 10 Important Things A Good Wedding Planner Can Do

By choosing a good wedding planner, you are guaranteed to leave your wedding with this smile that every couple deserves to have! Our priority at Posh Occasions is to give you an experience that not only offers what will give you the best day based on our expertise in all things wedding, but also what we know will best work for your specific vision of the day because no bride and no wedding is the same . We work for you to ensure that all the many details, task list, and reminders are gathered together to be a beautiful event with no element missed. The scope of wedding planning is so far wide and often times, people are surprised by all we can do to help with your planning experience - so we figured, it would be a great idea to share some of the ways we help you focus on building and planning a great marriage while we take care of planning the party!

  1. Developing a Wedding Budget is the single most important thing you will do in the early stages of your planning. Our team guides you by asking about your personal priorities and guiding you through what would be the best allocations for each category and the local averages of the industry to offer the ability to adjust where needed.

  2. Finding Vendors is not so hard with our preferred vendor list that offers vendors who are available for your date, within your budget, and have shown our team that their services are not only worth their amount but also a great time from your consultation to the big day! Vendor selection is such an important aspect as these are the true ambassadors for the day! Our team prides are ourselves on only recommending the very best for our very best (yes, that's you!).

  3. The expertise of a wedding planner can save you time and money! According to a recent CNBC report, the average wedding planner can save you between 5-10% on your budget. Do the math and you'll truly understand that we are priceless and let's be honest - with the desire to save where you can, you don't want to make the mistake of spending more while trying to save.

  4. We schedule and attend your vendor consultations, meetings and are tied into all communications. We want to be on the front line with you ready to meet them, ask questions that you have not quite thought of, review your contracts and proposals, and remind you of your many payment schedules. This helps you maintain your financial goals and ensures that you don't get bogged into too many layers of details.

  5. We will help you be unique. With most of our clients choosing some of the same top venues in our area or surrounding counties, we always aim to create a unique experience for their guests and vendors. While some things are just the Posh way of handling logistics and wedding etiquette (yep, we have you covered on that, too) - we love to help our clients think outside of the norms and add in details that really reflect the couple. Those are elements that guests and family always, always notice and appreciate.

  6. We can handle your invitations by working with a trusted stationer to show you the proper wording, elements to include as well as the best methods for collecting and organizing your mailing and labeling needs. Tracking responses to your wedding day invites is a very helpful service we provide to our couples as this takes the worry of having to manage their list and deal with the multiple calls about who can and cannot attend the festivities.

  7. We are your liaison and biggest cheerleader! We convey to your vendors , your family and others your style, wishes and ensure that you are not left alone to handle the chaos yourself. Weddings can often be very tricky for families and friends, too so we also help them identify their role and what it entails.

  8. Our wedding day timelines are one of our greatest assets to the team. We help everyone involved know their arrival times, what they need, and what we are planning to do with that time. In addition, our vendors have a listing of contact information, load in times, and other details so they can help support the success and they are at ease, too! This leaves you to not have to answer repetitive questions and simply soak in the special moments.

  9. Our clients also experience assistance with selecting their overall vision for the day in terms of textures, linens, florals, lighting, rentals, and other design elements. We create a floor plan that has your vision and what is possible with logistics in mind. We also help you decide on attire and how those elements will pair up with your overall look and what nonverbal signals are sent for the guest's experience. Because of the work and commitment involved, our team is able to pull from our experiences to recommend what will guarantee a purposeful yet joyful night.

  10. Wedding Planners help coordinate travel details like room blocks, wedding bags, rehearsal dinner mapping, guest travel, hotel amenities, day of transportation service scheduling, airplane snack bags, and so much more. This will provide your guest with an experience that not only has great locations and views, but also attention them from the moment they leave home to the moment they return.

So, as you make the decision on which wedding planner works for you, I would encourage you to seek a wedding planner who can check these things among many many other things and someone you feel comfortable with helping you to ensure your day runs smoothly without unnecessary work for you and your family. We cannot wait to celebrate your next Posh event!

Photography: @ynotimages, Tony Minifield

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