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Why weekday weddings can be great, too!

With the impact of COVID-19, reaching far and wide - many of our clients are becoming more and more flexible with their wedding plans. In fact, the most common act that we have seen is the shift to weekday weddings. Saturdays are known as the most popular date for weddings for a variety of reasons, but that doesn't mean that we can't find the good in weekdays, too. We are sharing some tips below on reasons why marriage can start any day of the week!

First and foremost, the fun doesn't stop. The most important detail of the wedding is you and your hunny to be! With both of you in attendance, there isn't much that can ruin the day. With you giving your family and friends plenty of notice, they will make arrangements for their attendance and the party won't stop! If you find that this might be difficult, arrange for a brunch wedding so everyone takes their lunch to attend or offer a time post-work for the event to take place. Some of the most fun weddings I have attended have been during brunch or weekdays!

We have also found with everyone vying for the same few Saturdays (that were likely booked prior to COVID-19's rise) availability for weekend events are limited. This doesn't have to be a thing, though. Weekday events usually offer savings on rental and an extended set up time for your rentals. Maximize that dollar, girl! Your posh planner will likely also be able to secure better rental times for your decor,

With a weekday wedding, the most significant impact will be seen in your budget. You know we are all about maximizing your dollar! This also often provides flexibility on set up, rehearsal, and other factors. We have found that even our best providers are often tied up with several tasks on rehearsal day which causes them to skip rehearsal and your posh team handles reviewing any final details during their set up. While this system works well for us because we work with the best vendors this world has to offer - we also realize that weekdays could make it easier for them to join in on the earlier set up and the rehearsal.

Last but not least, weekday weddings offer the rest of the week for more family time! It is often that during the wedding you don't get to spend as much time as you'd like with your out of town guests. To solve this and help with the limitations on travel, our team usually suggests that you host a small brunch, breakfast, or your family may be able to join in on your bridal shower the day before the big day . Make a week of festivities - you and your hunny deserve it !

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