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Let's start your seamless, joy-filled planning experience

Look no further!

Welcome to Posh Occasions by Sheriah, an event planning and design studio

serving Alabama and throughout the Southeast.

We believe in connection.

Our clients love to celebrate – they value open communication

and trust in our creative process to take their vision to fruition. 

"As a bride who wanted to be very hands on with my wedding, I was so happy with Sheriah because she works WITH you. If you want to do A, B, & C yourself that is fine with her, but she make sure it gets done in a timely manner! She handles every other detail that you don’t want to worry about (& sometimes don’t even know you should be doing) and has all the contacts (that you don’t have) to make sure everything is the best it can be!

She possesses all the qualities you want in a wedding planner: professional, direct, organized, detail-oriented, determined, passionate & great under pressure, but what makes Sheriah stand out is her personality. She is kind, funny, intentional, sincere, and matter-of-fact. She became family to my mother & I over the months we worked together. Every meeting, no matter how tedious, was a joy because she is a joy to be around!! And wedding day… she was the calming and level-headed presence that every wedding day needs.

I am so thankful to Sheriah Gibson, her husband, Wes, and the Posh Occasions team for bringing my vision to life and making my wedding weekend all that I wanted!! "
Grace Anne (Lake) Maughan

Alexa Young, CA

Flower Decorations


Thanks for submitting! We cannot wait to chat with you!

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