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5 Firsts When Getting Married

Updated: Jan 16, 2019

Being engaged will begin the numerous "firsts" you and your husband to be will experience together. Marriage is what it is truly all about so make sure your engagement does not push you away from the end goal. Beginning a life together with shared goals and dreams is the ultimate gift. Check out our tips below for the "How To" on beginning your engagement process.

Celebrate! The pressure to immediately begin making wedding planning decisions and having responses to the barrage of emails, texts, and phone calls will be present, but do not forget to enjoy yourself! This is a purely happy moment in your life with your new husband-to-be and your families and you deserve to share in this happiness. People will constantly ask questions you have not considered just yet or even offer unsolicited advice, but this is why we recommend pressing pause and enjoying this time between the two of you.

Hire a Planner. This is #1 for a reason and not just because #poshoccasionsbysheriah is the way to go. Planning a wedding can be complicated but it is much more stressful when you are inexperienced in dealing with the small details and numerous options that the wedding world entails. While being a DIY bride is extremely impressive and the details and hard work are often seen by your guests, if the details are not seamless, this could all go to waste. A wedding day without an experienced wedding planner, is a recipe for a disaster.

Set the Date. Believe it or not, picking a date can be pretty stressful. When you are working on trying to avoid national holidays, family holidays and work schedules, you are already limited. Then, when you are seeking a date that works for those variables and your various vendors, it is hard. When setting your date, consider the season and ensure that your style will match this time period. For example, if you are seeking a winter date, then you would want to avoid an outdoor ceremony or a color palette full of spring tones.

Make a draft of your guest list. The average cost per guest to attend the wedding is $28 for the host. This number can also increase based on the uniqueness of your catering needs. Therefore, you should draft a list and begin choosing wisely. Decide how your list will be divided between yourself and your family. Traditionally, the couple splits the list in half and the parents split the remaining half so everything is drama-free. If you and your parents cannot agree on this, you will want to discuss this carefully before accepting assistance. Creating a system for cutting guests (and following it) will help when your numbers are too large.

Create a Budget. The average wedding expenses in 2017 were $25,000+ and that number is on the rise. Be sure that you discuss with your family and friends their specific contributions and or review your personal budget to ensure that your wedding day will not harm your pockets. Your wedding planner will give additional tips on maximizing your budget and observing the recommended percentages per wedding category.


Contact us today to further discuss how we can assist you in making your next event POSH!

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