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Choosing the Right Wedding Venue

While there are so many aspects of planning that you can make unique to your big day, all weddings must have a VENUE!

Here's the list of the things to check for when looking for the right wedding venue.



  • Create a Wedding Vision. It goes without saying, but your big day must have a direction and specific style. Brides often utilize the terms "rustic", "glam", "modern", or "classic" to describe their day. While those coined terms can be helpful, you also want to be more specific. Gather inspirational photos, color swatches, and other details.

  • Decide on a Wedding budget. Usually the reception takes about 50% of your total budget. Discuss with parents and other family members any assistance they plan to offer and begin assigning the funds to categories.

  • Consider Location. Some cities and towns are just more expensive than others. For a blissful Atlanta wedding, you will spend much more due to the cost of living adjustments in the area. Small towns and remote destinations can require a larger budget if things like flowers and vendor talent have to come from afar.

  • Research. As you are dreaming of your wedding day, utilize many resources to search for previous clients and other reviews of your potential venue. This can also be a great resource for inspiration on how you'd like to have the venue organized.



  • Your guest matter. Aside from your own visions and needs, there are some important people that you want to consider during your selection process. Consider the guest count you have and decide if your expected number of guests will be comfortable in the space.

  • On site coordination. Some venues offer a coordinator specific to your event on the day. This can be immensely helpful for getting more information on the venue. BONUS TIP: This is not your wedding planner or coordinator.

  • Vendor Restrictions. Your wedding venue may require that you utilize their "preferred" list of vendors or offer the freedom to use whomever you would like. Ask for a list of vendors and their contact information to further review their service records. You will also need to request information on if you would like to use someone not on the list and the applicable fees.

  • Catering Options. Most venues have health regulations on catering services at the venue. If your venue offers in-house catering, ask about their menu and tasting options.

  • Exclusivity. If you want to have the day (or at least the venue) to yourself, please ensure that the venue will work for getting your guests to your big day. Having more than one event at the venue could cause a greater logistical skill and you want to be sure you are aware ahead of time.



  • Cost Breakdown. An easy way to narrow down your decisions will be to see if your dream day ideas stay within your budget. Venues often don't publicly list all of the associated costs of hosting an event. It is important to ask in-depth questions on the venue and ensure you have a list of all

  • Don't be pressured. Chances are your perfect wedding venue is not going to be the first you visit. Don't sign a contract, pay a deposit and secure your date until you have fully thought through the decision.

  • Read your contract, then read it again. There have been many horror stories for weddings and most involve the lack of reading your contract. Heavily review your contract and make notes for questions and further explanations needed prior to signing. It also does not hurt to ask your wedding planner to review.


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